भारत और भारत के पड़ोसी देशों के बारे में जानें | Learn about India and India’s neighboring countries

India gives top priority to its neighbours. This centrality of neighbors in India’s foreign policy stems from a clear understanding that a peaceful periphery is essential for India to achieve its diverse developmental goals. Furthermore, India strongly believes that a stable and prosperous South Asia will contribute to India’s prosperity. Then, in the context of South Asia, India has a certain additional responsibility because India is everyone’s neighbour, although none actually share borders except Myanmar and Bangladesh. To that extent, India is implementing a policy of asymmetric engagement to strengthen the bridges of friendship and create new opportunities for the development, security and welfare of its neighbors through bilateral and SAARC mechanisms.

Neighbouring Countries of India
Neighbouring Countries of India

At the last SAARC summit held in Maldives in November 2011, Prime Minister Dr. Mammohan Singh articulated India’s vision of regional economic integration based on increased intra-regional trade, investment flows and interconnectivity. India announced virtual abolition of sensitive lists affecting exports of all least developed SAARC countries to India and took various initiatives for capacity building. India is committed to promoting a sense of South Asian identity through the SAARC process, enhancing mutual trust in many areas and trying to leverage India’s rapid economic growth in a win-win arrangement with its neighbours. India also remains conscious of this vision of South Asian integration in its bilateral relations with its neighbours.

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